200,000 escorts, spas, clubs all over China. Updated June 2019. List is in Chinese, not English.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we no longer update China69Club. However, our parent site LouFengGong.com is updated every single day. The site is in Chinese only. You can view 200,000 escort Read more

200+ High-End Models All Over China under One Agent

Based near Shanghai in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, the agent is quite new. She started only in early 2018. We were a little skeptical, as always with new agents in this business, especially when it c Read more

300+ Models in Guangzhou and Shenzhen (Guangdong Province)

If you are in Guangdong Province and would like to try models, you've got to try this franchise! As of mid-2019, it has 23 private clubhouses (or brothels if you will) all over Guangdong Province: G Read more

100+ High-End Models in Shanghai under One Agent

Nicknamed "Sister Beauty", she might be the best known agent in Shanghai that offers a lot of models, actresses, stewardesses, etc. The models are mostly based in Shanghai, but there are some in Read more

Scammers Alrt!

This section lists known scammers.  Escort business is dangerous in every country in the world including China, especially for foreigners. China69Club publishes only genuine and honest VERIF Read more

10,000 Escorts and Girls Before 2019-01-01

China69Club understands girls move and/or change contact info all the time. Often, info over 1 year becomes less accurate, and that can lead to frustration. So we compile almost 10,000 girls befo Read more